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"The breeding of purebred dogs is both an art and a science, thus the true breeder is a very artistic genetic engineer.


The breeder plans a breeding program in much the same way an architect plans a building or a bridge… Breeders must struggle to produce the picture of perfection for their breed."

"Born to Win, Breed to Succeed" by Patricia Craige Trotter




1, Think over, what would you like the dog for and choose accordingly the size and individual!

Schnauzers are friendly, sociable dogs, who love kids. They are equally suitable for sport and job purposes.

If you would like to buy a dog for breeding, then choose one after close studying of the dog shows’ and work achievements of the parents and their descendants.

Schnauzers are suitable as companion dogs also, but take into account that they were originally bred for working, so they acutely require the common activities with their owners, whatever it is, that trains their body and mind!


2, Let’s consider how much time you may have for your dog

You may have a dog both in an apartment or in a family house. The most important thing is to provide the dog with your full attention (walking, training, playing) 1-1,5 hour a day.

The puppies have to take care of business after minimum 4 hours, so the best is if during this period, 4-hourly somebody checks in on them and takes them on a short walk to take care of their business.


3, The purchase price is only a fraction of the expenses on dogs

Do not spare with the money for buying a dog, as a healthy and quality dog costs more, but you may save money on the future expensive operations and medicines’ costs!

Make sure to take your time, look at more litters, so you will have more chances at picking the most suitable puppy for yourself. And if you especially like the parents, or have heard from their previous litter’s puppies only good, you may wait a few months to have a promising puppy:

They will be your companion and bring you joy for 15 years.


If you are interested in our puppies, please contact us on our email address or phone number!


We hand over our puppies to their new owner, as defined by Law, after 8 weeks old, with chip, pedigree, contract, age-appropriate vaccinations, deparasiting and with lifelong contact.